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Tea Lowers Odds Of Ovarian Cancer

Sydney: Drinking tea seems to lower odds of ovarian cancer, Australian research involving 1000 women says.

Dadu Su from Curtin University coauthored the study in China involving 500 patients of ovarian carcinoma and the other half being unaffected who completed a questionnaire about tea consumption. They drank a mixture of green, black and Oolong tea.

Andy Lee, professor of the Curtin School of Public Health, who led the study, said a close response relationship has also been established. “It’s not just duration of tea drinking but also quantity of tea and frequency of intake as well.”

“The more cups you drink per day and the more the quantity, the better the result (the lower the risk)” Lee said. “It is not just green tea but also the Oolong and black tea drinking, which has a similar effect, he added according to a Curtin statement.


21 Dec, 2012

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