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OPPORTUNITY: Pepsi-Hindustan Unilever Set To Change Coke-Nestle In Ready To Drink Arena

Mumbai/New Delhi, April 14

The Pepsico-Hindustan Unilever alliance which launched Lipton ice tea in 2004 but withdrew it for lack of demand within one year, is set to revive the ready-to-drink teas in bottles next week following in the footsteps of Nestea ice tea marketed by Nestle and Coca-Cola. It will be sold in two flavours at Rs. 25 each and will be distributed regionally in Delhi and NCR.

The consumer preference is for healthier beverages over aerated drinks and, therefore, both the cola rivals are broad abasing their market with functional beverages like fortified juices, teas, vitamin water and milk-based drinks.

10 May, 2011

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